Thursday, August 4, 2011

Last Monday I arrived in Hamburg for my 2,5 month internship! And man, I really like it here. It's such a beautiful city :) And there's still a lot more for me to see and experience here.
Today was my first day at the studio (Atelier 9) and this afternoon I finally managed to get this blog up and running to update it with with the work I'll be making here and any future projects or just quick sketches. My room is also very nice, not to mention close to my work. And as you can see, my roommates are very friendly:
As for the origin of this blog name: I give credit to my dear friend Abe for that one (do check his blog - he makes some crazy stuff). He wrote it on a shirt for me as a birthday/goodbye present. Swing because of my swing band project and love for the music and Bratwurst; well... for my stay in Germany. I'll be sure to wear it on my birthday!