Friday, September 30, 2011

sketches, sketches...

Here's a few drawings I've made of the 1940's-ish Hamburg. I need to practice drawing backgrounds etc. for my comic. Thanks to the online Hamburg Bildarchiv I've been able to collect hundreds of photo's that can help me out. Lately I've been working with charcoals a lot and I really came to like it. What I'm not too happy about is how they looked after scanning, but I'll share them anyway. Next time I'll be adding some details digitally, which already looks pretty nice in another project I've been drawing for. That's for later, though :)
 And also a few doodles from the jam-session at Birdland yesterday, mostly drawn left-handed:
Next up are some interior drawings and character sketches. And of course, the 24hr comic I'll be starting tomorrow. Wish me luck :')


  1. Je werk is net zo lelijk als Jabba dik is :P.

    Love it love it love it. Ben benieuwd wat voor digitale aanpassingen je nog gaat toepassen.

  2. Mooie achtergronden, ik krijg zo weer de neiging om zelf weer met potlood te werken ipv inkt.