Thursday, May 31, 2012

Benelux Beeldverhalenprijs

My entry for the Benelux Beeldverhalenprijs 2012 will be on display in 37 PK in Haarlem, among other contestants. The exhibition opens today, so I'll share my entry with you.
An experimental, minimalist comic, quite a difference from my usual work. I tried to work using as few as possible figurative elements and wanted to play with the reading direction, which is zigzag if you couldn't tell. Everyone who reads it sees a different story or reads in a different direction. It's interesting to see what people make of it, but I didn't quite succeed on that part. (I have to admit I made this in a rush and the original storyboard told a clearer story with more acting of the character). Nevertheless I'm glad my comic made the shortlist (top 20). I do like the symmetric look and the minimalist approach, which I'll also put to use in future works.

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