Monday, July 23, 2012

Youth exchange 'Everyman'

It's been another busy week. Yesterday I returned from an international youth exchange - a comic project called Everyman, based slightly on the medieval play of the same title. In the small village of Roden a group of Spanish, Greek, Polish and Dutch comic artists got together to draw, draw, draw...

This week was so much fun. I met many new people and friends who I hope I will meet again someday. I wouldn't miss this for the world. We made lots of drawings, excersises, comics and lameness together. We even made some lino carvings inbetween all the work.

 (I did my interpretation of Wisdom from the Everyman play)

At the end of the week our work was exhibited for one hour only at Vera Groningen. It all went by so fast, I wish it would've lasted longer, though I'm also happy to get some rest after our crazy adventures. I miss all you sweet people!

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  1. What a wonderful lino!
    Why was it that they displayed the work for only one hour?