Monday, October 1, 2012

NABU Project "Wanted!"

During my internship in Hamburg last year I took part in a contest with Till Lassmann, Sebastian Koch and Bryn Chainey to make an animation for the Naturschutzbund Deutschland. The theme of the contest was to make the wolf feel welcome in Germany and to improve the usually bad image wolves have in stories and fairy tales. We all did our part. Mine was drawing the backgrounds.
The final result is our animation "Der Isegrim"

The good news is we placed third!
So last weekend I went back to Hamburg to meet with my Atelier 9 team again and to travel to Wolfsburg (coincidence?) where the winners would be celebrated. It was a fun evening/night where we could meet the organisation and other winners and watch their contributions to this project. For a list of the ten winning films/animations/games click here. More info in this press article.
[I'm glad they did spell my name correctly on the official certificate...]

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