Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finding a balance

Over the past weeks I gathered quite some research material, including some very swingjugend specific books! The list of books is now pretty impressive. So much so, that I should be happy if I can finish reading by the end of the year. That's why lately I've been more busy reading than drawing. To avoid going on a complete hiatus I got the idea to use what I read about to make illustrations/short comics in between and not necessarily in relation to my story or characters. These could be personal stories from swings or character/environment sketches.

Speaking of research: I'd LOVE to have one of those portable gramophones for my research. They were all the rage.
Yesterday I picked up my acrylics and charcoal again after a long time and painted this little picture in my sketchbook (the horn is a bit on the tiny side, though :p) I'm also doing some self studies/cartoons again since I rarely did that anymore. The sketch below is one of them.

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