Monday, August 29, 2011

Dashing and handsome

Some sketches I made in my sketchbook this July. I used this weekend to colour a few taking a closer look at usable colour-scemes.
And with that there's two more of the characters I want to use for my swing-band.
And in case you're wondering: No, these two won't be having any romance going on.
Well, only a very short one...

The next while I'll be diving head first into this project and I'll also take a closer look at the characters and their environment. For the comic I'm trying to find something that is not so much like the above, but a balance between digital and traditional work.


  1. yeah, Balance sounds good!
    i like the colour and textures

  2. Ooh bby *¬*
    Hihi, die tweede (en derde), Klara denkt echt van "Oh~, wat zegt hij toch inspirerende dingen ¦3"