Thursday, August 25, 2011

Live-sketches update

As the title says here are some of the sketches I made during jazz jam-sessions at the ponybar and  Birdland in Hamburg. Basically we go there with a small group and draw whatever we see there. And pretty fast, too - since everythings swingin'.
First up are yesterdays sketches at Ponybar. At the bottom of this post are some of the drawings I made at Birdland last week (I didn't scan them untill today). Enjoy!

 As for some more finished work: I'm colouring some stuff at the moment and I've been working on an illustration, but I can't post it untill it's published, which will be at the end of September.


  1. Hihi, grappig die afwisseling tussen mooi gelukte schetsjes en de, uh.. ietsje derpy exemplaren.

  2. Dat is zo, ja. Hoewel de derpy ones gek genoeg vaak wel de betere zijn :p Mooi schetsen gaat gewoonweg niet met mensen die zo veel bewegen, maar het is een erg leuke oefening in het snel vastleggen van iets.
    Oh! Die ene dude (laatste schets van Ponybar) leek trouwens ontzettend op Roddy xD

  3. Ponybar .... gehehehe

    en rawr that dude with the beardy :P

  4. Haaa, dat was ook echt iets voor jou! :p