Thursday, January 17, 2013

From the archives [Part 2]

Today's the 17th, so I thought it's time for another look into the progress of my project. This time a focus on the main character of the story: Klara. Not much "old" work was found, because Klara was initially created as filler material for the group and didn't play much of role in the story.... yet.

I managed to dig up these two drawings of Klara's 'old-school' look. Funny enough she was the only character with German roots before the whole Swingjugend idea came along.
But how did she make it to main character?
At first I didn't focus on one lead for the story, but rather on the group. And that's where I got stuck. I did think a male lead would be interesting with having more pressure from society in joining the Hitlerjugend and/or militairy service. But still the story was going nowhere but a few short scenes and events. The characters were still empty shells and that was the problem.
After a short brainstorm session in my comic class, in which I explained some of the scenes to find not something, but someone to have the stoy focus on. The only name that kept coming back was Klara's, who appeared to be a more interesting character than I thought.

(Yes, shameless reposting. I do it)

Aside from a new haircut her design hasn't changed much and the more I was drawing her, the more I loved her design. With that the young clarinettist has also gotten more character. With a love for swing and jazz music in Nazi-Germany and a boyfriend in the German army she might lose everything she holds dear.

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