Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NFF: the illustrations

Last week my boyfriend Flip and I were at the Noordelijk Film Festival for five days to watch and review some of the films. He would write about how we experienced them and I'd make an illustration depicting one or more of the films. You can read and watch them here:

My illustration for Nordic Shorts and La Grande Bellezza

Sadly, only three of them were published for reasons unknown and we both have mixed feelings about the whole experience. The movies we watched were awesome and it was a great privilege to be able to see every film we wanted, but the extremely noisy audience ruined a lot of the fun for us. Especially the last screening was an absolute nightmare. I can't believe how many people just can't keep their mouth shut during a movie and even scold us when we ask them to stay quiet.
My faith in humanity has taken another blow...

To end on a positive note: on the last day we were photographed during our daily activities at the festival. Lots of walking back and forth, short breaks and junk food. The organization and volunteers get a thumbs up from us both and, despite a few downfalls, we also had a good time together.
Photos by Afke Manshanden

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