Monday, November 17, 2014

Family matters

October 18th marked the opening of the art exhibition I mentioned in September. My works are displayed alongside a collection of drawings and paintings by my great-greatfather, G. H. van der Meulen in De Schierstins in the small village of Veenwouden. It's very local, but the exhibition room is just lovely and I got some nice feedback as well. I even got word from people who have some of my great-grandfather's work at home. On November 28th people can take those paintings along and talk to some of the family members. I'm looking forward to see what they'll bring along. The exhibithion ends mid-December.

Things haven't been going so well art-wise the past few weeks. I suffered a cold a while back and last week I strained my back while lifting a heavy suitcase and my lower back still hurts pretty bad. It's really frustrating because I had a lot of things planned, like a new series of short autobiographical comics and more work inspired by Flip's poetry. I hope to start up the art engine again this week.


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  2. I hope to start up the art engine again this week.


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