Friday, September 19, 2014

Front Lines project

During the summer I worked on a comic for a project by Comixiade. They ask artist all over Europe to draw a comic or illustration to a poem about, or written during World War I. The poems are in different languages, but all will be translated to English on the website. I picked the poem 'Draagt me zacht' by flemish soldier and poet August van Cauwelaert.

For this project I worked less precise and at a faster pace than usual and also decided to work with charcoal again after a long time. I enjoyed it :)
It's published on their website, along with the work of the other artists, which I recommend you check out. More work will be added over time and I'm looking forward to see what the other artists will come up with. They also had a short but sweet interview with me about the comic I made and why I chose this particular poem.